Shop Tools

Scroll down and you will find various machine shop tools and fixtures, also  grinding and sharpening fixtures for the surface grinder, these tools and fixtures were designed and built by me for making faster setups on the Lathe, Milling Machine, Surface Grinder and Drill Press, there are tools listed  here that are easy to make to some that are a bit challenging, even though there are no plans for the tools listed here you can still take my designs and make them into something more functionable and useful.



A Snack For The Shop

Ball Peen Hammer

Finger Plate

Clausing Lathe lead screw and nut repair

Round Stock Vise

Carbide Insert Tool Holders

Cylinder Square

Squareness Comparator

V-Step Angle Plate

Sine Plate

Lathe Tool Height Gage

Dial Indicator Attachment

Craftsman Vise Jaw Repair

Sine Bar

Brass Shop Hammer

End Mill Sharpener

Diamond Angle Dresser

Lathe Cross Feed Bearing Housing

Oil Injector

Ball and Radius Turning Attachment

Small Angle Plate

Indexing Fixture for Gang Milling Multiple Gears

Milling Machine Handles

Surface Gage

Reamer Sharpening Fixture

#2 Morse Taper Shank Extended Point Live Center

#3 Morse Taper Shank Extended Point Live Center

Tap Follower

Center Punch Guide

Counter Bore Sharpening Fixture

Countersink Sharpening Fixture

Drill Press Vise

Filing Machine

Tall V-Block

Offset Square

Carriage Stop

Spin Index Modifications

Tool Makers V-Blocks

Tool Post

Surface Plate Square

Surface Gage with Rack and Pinion Gear Adjustment

Miniature Lathe

Coming Soon