Tool Plans

Scroll down and you will find various tool plans for sale, some are free to download, all plans are an instant download, I accept any Major Credit Card or Pay Pal, click on any of the Download button associated with the tool you are interested in  to read its full description before you purchase, your purchase includes a set of cad drawings, bill of materials, documentation on the building process along with multiple photos.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have before you purchase any plans or during your build at   post your completed tool at and receive any plan of your choice free


1.500" Tool Makers Vise $7.00

Tool Makers Parallel Clamps $7.00

Tool Post Grinder $7.00

Direct Indexing Sharpening Fixture $7.00

Cylinder Square

30°-60°-90°        45°-45°-90°    Angle Plates

Modular Gear Cutter Arbor $7.00

Threading Tool $7.00

Static Balancing Fixture $7.00

Bench Block $7.00

Fly Cutter $7.00

Multi V-Block $7.00

Slitting Saw Arbor $7.00

Hand Tapping Machine $7.00

Height Comparator $7.00

Knurling Tool

Machine Tool Dial Making Fixture $7.00

Universal Grinding Fixture $7.00

Tilting Dividing Fixture

Hand Shear $7.00

Deburring Tool $7.00

Sensitive Drill Press $7.00

Tail Stock Taper Turning Attachment $7.00

Edge Milling Vise $7.00

Multi Angle Square $7.00

Knurling Tool $7.00